Lifetime Achievement Awards

The Lifetime Achievement Awards were established in 2005 when the Board of Directors announced their very first recipients to receive this prestigious award from the Madera Chamber of Commerce. To select honorees for the award, a criteria was developed to determine the inaugural, and future, candidates (see listing below). Five outstanding individuals were honored that year. In 2006, a posthumously honor was added. Each year a one-time named for the memorial honoree, is awarded to a local high school graduate/s.


Individuals considered to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award must have significantly demonstrated a history of dedication to Madera, within three of the following areas: economic development, education, cultural enhancement, public policy, government relations, business and community relations, and quality of life.  

Individuals must have exemplified these contributions by the following actions: actively work to advance civil and commercial endeavors, work towards positive change for community in government policy, promote and disseminate information for community awareness and advancement, participate in public or community service not related to career responsibilities and related to career areas, volunteered or provided extended effort for the betterment of our community and advocate on behalf of business.

During their time of service, each of these honorees will have possessed and displayed the following characteristics – knowledge, creativity, ability to bring people together, deal with adversity and diversity, innovativeness, ability to be a team player, willingness to lead, enthusiasm, compassion, ability to collaborate and create partnerships, ambition, and last but not least, respect. Individuals for Consideration Of the Lifetime Achievement Awards


2005: Abe Alvarez, Dave Berry, Dennis Chezick, Gary Giersch, and
Noreen Lattanzio 
2006: Don Floyd, Les Hayes, Sunny Nishimoto, Betty Pia, Sam Price and Memorial Honoree Nancy Clute
2007: Bill Alessini, Mary Cruz Chairez, Anna & Lee DaSilva,
Jack Perialas, Lyle Sindt, and Memorial Honoree Elmo DelBianco.   
2008: Paula Baraldi, Maurice Cappelluti, Monte Pistoresi, B.J. Robinson, Darwin Shebelut, and Memorial Honoree William “Bill” Cerioni     
2009: Sheryl Berry, Richard Kuckenbecker, Michael Purl, Dave & Tom Schoettler, Ross Thornton and Memorial Honoree Kenneth ‘Kenny’ Taylor
2010: Bill Dawson, Dr. Duane Furman, Elvan and Eleanor Newcomb, Dim & Don Sambueso, Don and Cathi Warnock, Memorial Honoree – Jerry Venturi 
2011: Twyla Denny, Bob Mariscotti, Gary Oberti, Lawrence Tesei, Dan Whistler, and Memorial Honoree Ike Yocum  
2012: Jim Massetti, Don Nelson, Dr. James E. Walters, Bud Smith, Carl Wisener, and Memorial Honoree Charles “Val” Clute  
2013: Ronn Dominici, Stephen L. Frazier, Aftab A. Naz, M.D., Marilyn Wibbenhorst, Dr. Lyle and Jan Zitek and Memorial HonoreeMr. Bob Kahn
2014: Jon Basila, Stell Manfredi, Marge Medellin-Esquivel, Dave Minier, John and Shirley Sudduth, and Memorial Honoree Denslow “Denny” Green
2015:  Bob Cadenazzi, Julia O’Kane, Audrey Pool, Butch Ricketts, and Memorial Honoree Ralph L. Stoetzl
2016:  Dr. Mohammad A. Arain, Pastor Roger Leach, Jim Taubert, 
Mike Westley, and Memorial Honoree Virginia Lee Rose
2017: Dr. Mohammad Ashraf, Steve Copland, Dale Evans, Kay Rhoads, and Memorial Honoree Sal Perlongo 
2018: Bill Coate, Margaret Diebert, David Lee, Gordon Kennedy, and 
Memorial Honoree Leon Emo

2019:  Barbara Basila, Baldwin Moy, Dr. Theodore Nassar and Memorial Honoree Eddie Chapa

New in 2019, the Madera Chamber of Commerce was pleased to announce the addition of a new award category; 4 Under 40.

The 4 Under 40 awards are being presented to four individuals under the age of 40 who have contributed to the community through civic involvement, achieved success in their respected career, demonstrated collaboration and a willingness to lead, mentor and motivate others. These individuals must also display a strong sense  of integrity and business ethics. The selection of the 4 Under 40 recipients and award presentation are in conjunction with the Madera Young Professionals.

The inaugural recipients to receive this award are: Ranjit “R.C.” Chahal, Julie Herd, Ritesh “Rick” Patel, and Beau Miracle.