By | July 9, 2020

California Election 2020 Vote Guide –

Come rain, shine, pandemic or crippling recession, California voters can always count on one thing: a very long, very complicated ballot.

Though the presidential race will gobble up most of the attention, the choice between GOP President Donald Trump and former Democratic Vice President Joe Biden will be an easy one for most California voters. But Californians will make other vital decisions:

  • Deciding the fate of 12 statewide ballot measures that seek to raise taxes or lower them; regulate some industries or ban others; and expand voting rights, tighten criminal sentencing and resurrect affirmative action. 
  • Determining the makeup of the Legislature, now controlled by a gigamajority of Democrats.
  • Either affirming the sweeping gains Democrats made in California’s congressional delegation, or driving back 2018’s “blue wave.”

Confused about what’s at stake, which races to watch, how to vote during a pandemic or why you’re yet again voting on kidney dialysis? Consider this guide your one-stop-shop.

Click Here to review the Propositions that will affect California